Discussion Post ~ Let’s Talk about Genre’s

I was inspired by The Book Vixen’s post this morning about the genre’s she reads, the genre’s she’s interested in reading and those that she’s not so interested in reading.  And this got me thinking about the genre’s that I read and don’t necessarily review here on the blog.
Genre’s I read:
The Lost Hero (Heroes of Olympus, #1)The Iron King (Iron Fey, #1)Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry, #1)
Young Adult – I LOVE reading YA.  I know it’s more of a point of view to some but for me it’s sort of escape from my sometimes REALLY boring adult life.  I’m still feeling things out in this genre, trying to find out what I like and I don’t like.  So far I know that I’m drawn to the paranormal side of things, YA Dystopian’s, coming of age stories and a little bit of the more contemporary stuff.
The Last SurgeonWinter Prey (Lucas Davenport, #5)Delirious
Mystery/Suspense/Thrillers – I got turned onto this genre by a friend of mine who told me that I HAD to read Winter Prey by John Sandford.  I did, I LOVED it and now I’m hooked on the genre.  All three of the books that I have pictured I read and I LOVED.
Riders of the Purple SageThe Rider of Lost Creek (Kilkenny #1)Lonesome Dove
Westerns – We’ve always had a bunch of Louis L’Amour’s books around our house.  I always really liked them a lot.  Then I found my mom’s copy of Lonesome Dove after watching the TV mini-series and I yet another book I was hooked on.  Louie and Lonesome Dove are what sold me on this genre.
Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress, #1)Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1)Darkfever (Fever, #1)
Paranormal Romance – The BDB is what turned me onto this genre.  I’m still pretty new to it but from what I’ve read of it so far, I LOVE IT!  GIVE ME MORE PLEASE!
I just realized how long this post was getting….So I think I’ll just list the remaining genre’s to keep this post from becoming a book itself. :)
Urban Fantasy – I’m REALLY new to this genre.  I can’t remember who but someone said that I should read the Mercy Thompson series.  So far Moon Called is pretty much all I’ve read in this genre but I really liked that book so it’s here to stay. ;)
Contemporary/Historical/Suspense (Romance) – I started off MANY moons ago with contemporary romance but have since branched out into these other two subgenre’s.  I mean a HOT Highlander in a kilt does it for me.  Also, guns, mystery, romance and hot Alpha males do it for me too.
Genre’s I DON’T read/DON’T read a lot of:

  • Extreme horror – I’m fond of sleeping, so scaring me to within an inch of my life doesn’t really fit into my reading style.
  • Poetry – My dyslexic brain just doesn’t process poetry.
  • Non-Fiction – I read this genre sparingly.  I recently read The Lost Dogs, it’s about the Michael Vick dogs and I LOVED it.  It has some sad parts but after reading this book there are a LOT of HEA’s and has made me re-think my stand on the Pit Bull breed.

Are there specific genre’s that you stick to?  Which genre’s do you tend to avoid? Do you have any book recommendations for me?


2 comments on “Discussion Post ~ Let’s Talk about Genre’s

  1. I am also really into YA. I love paranormal romance. And have become a huge fan of dystopia. There are certain authors that i love (and i try to read all of their books). But i love to hear about new books. And if people are talking about a book I'll usually at least check it out to see if I think i'd like it.jennifer k

  2. I really like to check out the books that have a fair amount of hype behind them. So far I've only struck out once and that review goes up on Friday. I've found that I'm too eclectic even though at the moment my blog doesn't really reflect that. I've found that I really like Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series. There is much fighting over Bones going on. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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