Stitch and Bitch Monday ~ The Inaugural Edition

If you are a follower of my blog you’ve probably noticed that there haven’t been very many reviews lately.  Well, what can I say…Real Life keeps getting in the way of my reading time.  I was recently inspired by Larissa of Larissa’s Bookish Life to include a little more personal things with my peeps so you can learn a little bit more about me.  I hope that’s alright with y’all.  I have so many things to say about certain things and I really don’t have very many other people to tell them too.

Reading wise, I’m in a big ole slump. I’ve started and put down probably close to a dozen books over the past 2 weeks.  Nothing seems to be holding my attention for very long.  Though I did pick up Dead on the Delta by Stacey Jay on Friday and it’s been holding my attention.  Maybe I’m headed for a rebound!?  Who knows.

Review wise, I’m WAY behind.  I think I’ve got 6 reviews to write and because I’m in a slump I have ZERO motivation to write them.  Bad News Bears right there!

Life wise, it’s been a hellishly stressful week.  My dog is not adjusting to the new routine that we have going on now that my sister-in-law is back at work and my parent’s are covering on days that their schedule’s overlap.  I didn’t get much sleep last week at all.  I think the best sleep I got was on Wednesday when I fell asleep at 9:20 am and didn’t get up until my alarm clock went off at 7:45 pm (I work 3rd shift).  Then to add-on top of that stress my sister-in-law had to have minor “emergency” surgery Friday night.  It’s just NOT been a very good week.  And when I’m stressed I don’t read hardly at all, which is why I’m very surprised that Dead on the Delta is holding my attention.  When I’m stressed…I knit.

Which brings me too….

This pattern is called Pine Forest Baby Blanket.  That is what it’s supposed to look like when I’m finished with it. My team lead at work is having a baby boy in September and I’m knitting them up this blanket.  I’m not very far on it or I would show you a picture but I promise to post pictures next monday.  So even though I’m stressed and I’m in a reading slump I am still being productive. 😉


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