Goodreads/Book Blogging ~ A place full of What The Fuckery?!

Note:  I would just like to preface this post by saying that it is NOT my intention to lump the whole community in with the bad behavior of a select few, I needed to vent/discuss my feelings on the events that have taken place in the months since I started blogging.

When I first started book blogging back in January, everyone said that was a great resource and that it was relatively drama-free and was just chock-full of Awesome.  Well in the beginning that may have been true.  But now I can not say the same thing.  Same goes for the book blogging community as a whole. Relatively drama-free and chock full of Awesome.  In most cases I agree with that 100% but recently there have been some cases where I feel that a small minority are making a mockery of the community as a whole.

Right now, I feel that has turned into an online, book reader’s version of High School.  Complete with the “Mean Girls” and some pretty juvenile behavior lately.  I don’t know about anyone else but High School SUCKED for me and as a result of all this bad behavior on Goodreads I have become increasingly disappointed with the book blogging community.  To the point that there really hasn’t been much content here on the blog, because it’s depressing being THIS disappointed in a portion of a pretty vast community.

Recently, it seems that there is increasing tension between authors and reviewers/bloggers.  Blogger’s have taken to posting “reviews” that not only attack the book but also the author, which in turn leads to author’s behaving badly and attacking the blogger and blogger’s in general.  Then there have been all the plagiarism issues that have been coming out of the woodwork recently.  Then throw on a health dose of miscommunication which blew up into a full-blown clusterfuck and in my honest opinion you’ve got a giant shitstorm that could have easily been avoided.

I just don’t understand it.  When I was growing up I was taught the “Golden Rule,” do unto others that you would have others do unto you, and it seems that in book blogging that “rule” doesn’t apply to some people.  I don’t know if it went out the window because we’re on the ‘net and because the ‘net is such a vast impersonal place we think “hey who’s really gonna find me?” when we fire with both barrels?  Or if some on thinks because they have such a “huge” following that they can just go all “devil dog” on someone or something?  I don’t know if people just “forget” that behind every book and screen name there is an ACTUAL person with ACTUAL feelings when they post some of this nasty stuff.  But like I’ve stated before it’s depressing and very frustrating seeing all this negativity.

Personally, and I could be totally off base here, I think that the bad behavior of a select few is starting to reflect poorly on the community as a whole.  Sure, drama sells books, but I really don’t see why author’s/publisher’s/agent’s would want to put themselves in that position willingly?

Anyway, I’m going to jump off my soapbox now.  I’ve told you what I think of the recent event’s that have taken place in the book blogging community now it’s your turn to tell me what you think.  I’m open for discussion this issue but let’s keep it friendly please.